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[OPIRG-EVENTS] last call 18 June workshop

[There are still some places open in the workshop below. Charge is free (but
donations are very welcome to help us cover costs!). Please confirm.]

*please circulate to others who might be interested; sorry if you receive
this more than once*

Concerned about the situation in Palestine and Israel? Wishing you could
find a way to help end the violence and injustice?

Come to Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada's Introduction to Peace Teams Workshop

Wednesday, 18 June, 6:00 to 10:00 pm
397 Kent St. (First United Church, a few blocks north of Gladstone)

This workshop is primarily directed at people who might be interested in
going to Palestine and Israel to participate in a nonviolent international
presence in support of peace and justice. Others interested in supporting
such peace teams or generally learning more about unarmed, civilian
protection are welcome to participate as well. Through information sharing
and role plays, participants will learn about and have an opportunity to
discuss the theory and practice (and risks!) of nonviolence in this context.
Recently returned members of peace teams will describe the current situation
in occupied Palestine and the work in which Christian Peacemaker Team
(www.cpt.org) and International Solidarity Movement (www.ismcanada.org or
www.palsolidarity.org) participants engage. Information about upcoming
delegations will be provided. The workshop will help people assess whether
they are ready to go to Palestine and Israel as part of a peace team or
provide support for others going. It will also enrich understanding of how
such peace teams work.

To help us guage the numbers of participants, please respond to
info@npcanada.org, with your name, email address and telephone number if you
plan to participate. Please also indicate language of participation and
whether you require childcare. (The workshop will take place in English, but
we will provide English-French interpretation as needed. Childcare will also
be provided as needed.)

organised by:
Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada
211 Bronson Ave., ste. 309A
Ottawa, ON  K1R 6H5
tel +1 613 564 0999
fax +1 613 564 0068

Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada is a country group of Nonviolent Peaceforce,
which is in the process of establishing an unarmed, civilian, multinational
peacekeeping force to provide protective international presence upon request
by local groups.

++++Invest in the future, buy a peace bond now!+++++
More info: www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org

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