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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Videos about current Native struggles in Canada - June 24

[Merry cross-posting. I won't apologise because the people who 
apologise for cross-posting keep doing it anyway, and it seems to be 
futile to try to get people to just use the OPIRG-events list for 
events and other lists for their own distinct purposes... -j.]

[I personally liked the T-shirts that someone had made up that said 

National Aboriginal Day

Videos about current Native struggles in Canada

Tuesday, June 24th
6 - 8:30 pm
Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch
280 Metcalfe St., Ottawa

Nationally - 2003
"Now Way F.N.G.A. - Opposing the First Nations Governance Act"
(16 minutes) by Thunder Bay Indymedia

British Columbia - 2002
"Take Back the Land: Spirit Lake"
(20 minutes) by the Secwepemc Native Youth Movement
Nicole Manuel will be available to speak about their struggle

Alberta - 1995
"A Fight Against Time"
(25 minutes) by Ed Bianchi; Ed will be available to speak about the 
current campaign of the Lubicon

Ontario - 2003
"Grassy Narrows; as seen on Studio 2, TVO"
(40 minutes) by David Hawkins; Soha Kneen will be available to give 
an update on the Grassy Narrows blockade

for details pls. call OPIRG-Carleton, 520-2757
presented by the Indigenous Solidarity Working Group
Suggested Donation of $5
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