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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Global Democracy Ottawa meeting - July 10, 2003

No way FTAA
 From Québec to Miami FLA
We won't let it get away!
Time for people to have a say!

You are cordially invited to participate in a public meeting of 
Global Democracy Ottawa (a.k.a. GDO)

7:00 pm, Thursday, July 10, 2003

St. Paul University
223 Main St., Ottawa
Room 104
(Wheel Chair Accessible)

Bus Route #5 & #16
Parking available

Agenda items:

- Report from the recent G-8 meetings in Evian, France (with 
discussion to follow) with David Bleakney, Canadian Union of Postal 
Workers; follow-up on on-going G-8 issues ("Agenda for 
Africa"/NEPAD-New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development, etc.)

- Upcoming action and events against the World Trade Organisation 
(WTO) "mini-ministerial" in Montreal - July 26-30

- Planning for education and action around the WTO meeting coming up 
in Cancun, Mexico, September 10-14

- Planning for education and action around the Organisation of 
American States' (OAS) ministerial meetings on the Free Trade Area of 
the Americas (FTAA) - Miami, Florida, date TBA (fall 2003)

- other exciting, depressing, inspiring, and enraging issues and 
ideas as people bring them forward

All are welcome!
Call Jamie (236-9188) for more info.

"The phenomenon of anti-globalization has completely disappeared."
-- Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of International Trade
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