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[OPIRG-EVENTS] support non-corporate radio on CHUO for 2003

To all members of the social justice community:

CHUO-FM is currently holding its 2003 Funding Drive. As a non-profit,
charitable organization, CHUO relies on the support of its listeners, as
well as those in the community who have benefited by having their events
publicized through the station, in order to continue to produce public
affairs radio focusing on issues of social justice not dealt with in the
mainstream media.

Two shows on CHUO who regularly publicize events announced on this list
are seeking your support, Demockery's Demize (Mon, 5-6 pm) and Click here
(Wed, 5-6 pm). You can pledge to these shows by sending an email, as

Demockery's Demize
c/o Louis Lang

Click here
c/o Mitchell Caplan

Just include the following information:

1. Your name
2. A mailing address
3. A phone number where you can be reached
4. The amount you wish to pledge

(Within a few weeks, you will receive a form in the mail to pay your 

In return for your donation, you will receive a tax receipt.

We hope we can count on you to keep non-corporate radio alive.

Louis Lang
Mitchell Caplan

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