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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Seminar - China's Military Strategy -- July 10, 2003 (Thu) 5-7pm Carleton U

Seminar - China's Military Strategy -- July 10, 2003 (Thu)
The Associated Research Group of Asian Affairs (ARGAA) presents: 

"The Rise of a New Power? China's Military Strategy and Arms Race in the Asia-
Pacific Region" 

by Dr. Jiangziang Bi 

5:00 - 7: 00 p.m., 436 Paterson Hall. 

Dr. Bi has researched over Asian politics with a particular emphasis on 
strategic theory and nuclear weapons. Dr. Bi has agreed to join the ARGAA for 
an afternoon discussion of a topic that is certain to increase in importance 
considering North Korea's nuclear threats and Japan's new law for its Self-
Defense Forces. During this session he will be providing his thoughts on 
China's defense strategies. Dr. Bi's remarks will serve as a catalyst for 
further discussion by attendees. 

Professionals and students are welcome to attend this discussion by contacting 
the ARGAA prior to Thursday July 10, 2003. It will be informal in format, 
consisting of a brief presentation by the guest speaker and then open 
discussion during the remaining time. The ARGAA can be contacted at: 

The ARGAA was formed by graduate students at the Norman Paterson School of 
International Affairs. Throughout the 2003 summer the ARGAA will hold weekly 
seminars by distinguished guest speakers. This discussion is designed to 
develop members' research interests and to provide diverse perspectives on 
Asian issues to Carleton academic community. 

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