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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Latin American Musical Night - Two great artists, Wed. July 16 at National Archives

The Latin American Cultural Society of Ottawa-Hull is
proud to announce the launch of Festival La Fiesta! 
Ottawa/Hull’s newest music festival will celebrate the
rich cultural diversity of Latin America.  Starting 

A Very Special Latin American Musical Night:

Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy from Nicaragua and Tito
Medina from Guatemala will play with their bands at
the National Archives Auditorium on Wednesday, July
16, 2003 at 8:00 pm.


LUIS ENRIQUE MEJÍA GODOY (February 19, 1945) is one of
the most outstanding Nicaraguan singer/songwriters.
Born in Somoto, Department of Madriz, of a family of
popular musicians, brother of Carlos Mejía Godoy with 
whom he has shared a great deal of his musical work in
recent years. 

Luis Enrique has thirty-five years of active artistic
life.  He has cut twenty records which were edited in
México, Central America, Argentina, Uruguay, the US,
Germany, Holland and Japan. He has set to music the
poetry of Rubén Darío, Ernesto Cardenal,  José Coronel
Urtecho, Joaquín Pasos, Pablo Antonio Cuadra and
Gioconda Belli, among others.  He has set music for
documentary films and televisión and had his first
experience as an actor in the film of the Chilean
director Miguel Littin:  Sandino.

His songs speak of the history and the life of
Nicaraguans, and his music takes its inspiration from
the folklore of his country, experimenting with
contemporary instruments.  Luis Enrique has written on

ecological themes, the battle against AIDS,  olidarity
among handicapped children,  and his songs played an
important part in the struggle against the Somozan
dictatorship,  as well as in solidarity with Vietnam,
Cuba, Chile, El Salvador and Guatemala.  

He has received awards and distinctions from
Organizations and Institutions of Art and Culture,
Universities and City Administrations of Nicaragua and
Central America for his artistic work and his
contribution to culture.  In 1990 he received the
Order of Rubén Darío,  the highest acolade in the area
of culture,  in addition to having been chosen with 
other personalities as the Distinguished Person of the
Twentieth Century and was awarded the medal of
excellence by the National Theatre Rubén Darío and the
Ministry of Culture for his thirty years of artistic 
production.  Luis Enrique is the Cultural Ambassador
of the National University of Engineering and together
with his brother Carlos has been given special
recognition by the Central American Federation of

International tours and International Festivals in the
United States, Canada,  Latin America,  Cuba,  Spain,
Portugal,  Germany,  Holland,  Scandinavia,  Italy, 
France,  England, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, 
Taiwan , and has appeared on stage with some of the
most important singers of Latin America: Joan Mianuel
Serrat, Silvio Rodríguez,  Pablo Milanés,  Vicente
Feliu, Mercedes Sosa,  Angel and Isabel Parra, Inti 
Illimani,  Illapu, Daniel Giglietti,  Leon Gieco,
Chico Buarque, Adrián Goizueta, Oscar Chávez, Amparo
Ochoa, Holly Near, Bjorn Afzeliuz,  and Editus, among
others.  He has also appeared in special sessions with
the poets Ernesto Cardenal, Sergio Ramírez and
Gioconda Belli.

TITO MEDINA, Guatemala 1957, is a Singer-Songwriter
and an icon for Guatemalan revolutionary music.

His voice and musical work started to emerge during
the national protests the early 70s on the streets of
Guatemala City, rapidly Tito was touring the country
side of his native Guatemala with his bands  Camino 
and Grupo Taller, then with the Estudiantina of the
University of San Carlos and later with Kin-Lalat
Revolutionary Music Ensemble. 

Freedom, equality, hope, love and consensus have been
Tito’s inspirations across the time. His melodic and
passionate voice has been a flag for justice in his
native country and in solidarity with peace movements 

Tito has shared his musical work with numerous
audiences in Central America, Mexico, USA, Cuba,
France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, 
Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Canada, including
the Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg Folk Music
Festivals among others.  Tito was chosen as the
Guatemalan musician to join the Central American 
All-Stars ensemble that toured the United States from
1998 to 2001.  

Besides his public performances, he has been involved
in producing soundtracks for several documentary films
and conducting ethnomusicological research on
Guatemalan music.

Now, temporarily residing in Ottawa, Tito is backed by
an ensemble of gifted musicians: Salomon Carrillo from
El Salvador (percussion), El Maestro JL Vasquez from
Chile (percussion) and Margo Lange from Canada

His unique blend of indigenous-Maya roots, vibrant
Caribbean rhythms and the contemporary sounds of
Central American make Tito's appearance on stage a
special occasions to enjoy and celebrate Latin
American culture.



July 16th, 2003
8 pm. (Doors open 7:30 pm.)
Auditorium of the National Archives of Canada
(3 blocks west of Parliament Hill 
next to the Supreme Court of Canada)
395 Wellington St., Ottawa

$ 15 in advance
$ 18 at the door

for information, please contact Sandra Hernandez 

This concert is a fund rising for the Latin American
Folk Arts Society of Ottawa-Hull & La Fiesta Festival,
initiatives to highlight art with 
social content.

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