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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Palestinian Youth Event - CHANGE OF VENUE - Vincent Massey Park

Please note the change of venue due to the possibility
of rain.

>"In Their Own Words"
>Young People of Palestine Share Their Stories
>The Palestinian Friendship and Leadership Exchange
Program in 
>with the Canadian Auto Workers Social Justice Fund
has brought eight
>Palestinian youths (ages 14-16) for visits to
Toronto, Montréal and
>Ottawa. Six of the children are from the West Bank
(Jenin, Ramallah &
>Hebron) and two are from the Bourj el Barajneh Camp
in Lebanon. They 
>speak about their homeland, their daily struggles and
their hopes and
>Ottawa Event
>CEPAL invites you to join the youth for a picnic.
Come and hear their
>stories, exchange ideas.
>When: Wednesday, July 16
>Vincent Massey Park, 6:30;
>Picnic Area "T" (across from band stand).
>(Look for UN and Palestinian Flags).
>Contact: (613) 236-7825 or info@cepal.ca
>Light refreshments will be served
>Montreal Event
>When: Thursday, July 17 at 6:30 p.m.
>Where: The Canadian-Palestinian Foundation Community
Centre - Main 
>5135 Notre Dame West/corner St-Rémi, Montréal
(St-Henri Metro)
>Contact: (514) 591-3171
>* Refreshments and snacks will be served
>Organized By The Canadian-Palestinian Foundation
(CPF) [
>http://www.cpfmontreal.org/ ]www.cpfmontreal.org
>Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) [
>Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange (CEPAL) 
>"Dans leurs propres mots..."
>Des jeunes de la Palestine partagent leurs histoires
>Le Programme d'Échange Palestinien d'Amitié et de
Leadership en
>coordination avec le fond de justice sociale du
syndicat des 
>et travailleuses canadiens de l'automobile ont
apporté huit 
>palestiniens, âgés (es) de 16 à17 ans, pour des
visites à Toronto,
>Montréal et Ottawa. Six des jeunes sont de la
Cisjordanie (Jenin,
>& Hébron) et deux sont du camp de réfugiés de Bourj
el Barajneh situé 
>Liban. Ils parleront de leur terre natale, de leurs
>de leurs espoirs et de leurs rêves.
>CEPAL vous invite a un picnique
>Quand: Mercredi, le 16 juillet à 18:30
>Où: Parc Vincent Massey, aire de picnique "T":
cherchez nos drapeaux)
>Renseignment: (613) 236-7825 or info@cepal.ca
>* Des rafraîchissements seront servis
>Quand: Jeudi, le 17 juillet à 18h30
>Où: Le centre communautaire de la Fondation
Canado-Palestinienne - 
>5135 Notre Dame Ouest/coin St-Rémi, Montréal (Métro
>Contact: (514) 591-3171 ou

Please read Iraq Peace Team reports at www.nowar-paix.ca

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