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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (Montreal) 27 July No Occupation is Legal AntiWar Block in No One is Illegal March

I am posting this because I believe a bus is being organised from Ottawa to
come to this and other events around the WTO mini-ministerial. For more, see

!!!!!!!!!NO OCCUPATION IS LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!

Calling for an Anti-War Block in the "NO ONE IS ILLEGAL!" march
+ in solidarity with resistance to the colonial occupations of Iraq,
Palestine, Turtle Island and elsewhere
+ celebrating and building on the world's largest, global protests against
expansionist war

Gathering Point: Norman Bethune Statue,
corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve (metro Guy-Concordia),
meet on north-east side of gathering Under the "No Occupation is Legal!"

Bring your banners, noisemakers, signs and symbols of resistance.
No One Is Illegal is a child-friendly march.

NO OCCUPATION IS LEGAL is a block opposed to the colonial occupations of
Iraq, Palestine and Turtle Island and the related wars in Chiapas,
Philippines, Columbia and elsewhere. The day before the WTO meeting opens,
we will march to show our revulsion at profit- and power- motivated
occupation and war, as well as to celebrate the recent world-wide marches
against the invasion of Iraq, which brought thousands into the streets in a
global display of solidarity and our power. Through banners, slogans,
creative actions and literature, we will show our determined solidarity with
all people living under and fleeing from conditions of military repression,
whose daily struggles to survive and maintain dignity are often acts of
resistance to celebrate and honour.

NO OCCUPATION IS LEGAL will give people a chance to show that they have not
forgotten Iraq, that they recognise that the recent invasion was
transparently about economic interests, and that they oppose the occupiers'
colonial agenda of wholesale privatization and corporate-lead
reconstruction. The block will highlight the fact that the WTO and military
force are complementary strategies to open markets, secure resources - and
enrich a few at the expense of many. The anti-war block will draw attention
to the ways in which the WTO encourages militarisation through its 'security
exemption', creates conflict by dispossessing and impoverishing millions,
and relies on military force to bulldoze resistance to its onslaughts. And
we will demonstrate that the resistance cannot be crushed, but will rise
again and again in defense of justice, dignity and life! Join us!

NO OCCUPATION IS LEGAL is an anti-war block of the NO ONE IS ILLEGAL march,
organised by Block the Empire-Montreal. This is a child-friendly march, and
will not involve civil disobedience or direct action. No One Is Illegal is
organized in solidarity with local efforts to disrupt and shut down the WTO
meetings in Montreal, and the upcoming mobilizations against the WTO in
Cancun, Mexico
in September.

No Justice, No Peace!
Open the Borders!
End All Occupations!
No One Is Illegal!

--> For more information about the anti-war block or to help mobilise,
e-mail bloquezlempiremontreal@resist.ca, tel 514 815 3792
--> For more information, or to endorse the No One Is Illegal march, e-mail
resisteomc@resist.ca or tel 514-409-2049.
--> For more information on the overall mobilisation against the WTO
mini-ministerial in Monteal, see http://montreal.resist.ca.

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