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[OPIRG-EVENTS] IMPORTANT! - Sign Up for Bus to No One Is Illegal Rally inMontreal, July 27, 2003

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:43:33 -0400
From: "Soha Kneen" <kneen@itk.ca>

Hello everyone:

I am currently organizing a bus on behalf of Global Democracy Ottawa 
for those of you that are interested in attending the No One Is 
Illegal Demo that is taking place in Montreal on Sunday, July 27, 

I have found a bus (capacity 48 people - cost $588.50) that will take 
us to Montreal (departure in Ottawa at Minto Park [corner of Gilmour 
and Elgin] at 9:30 am) and will return to Ottawa that same day 
(departure in Montreal at 1455 de Maisonneuve West [between Bishop 
and Mackay] at 6 pm).

The costs would be $10 (one way) with a sliding scale.

Please e-mail me by Friday, July 25, 2003 at kneen@itk.ca to sign up 
for the bus (please also indicate if you will be returning on the bus 
or not).  I won't be able to go to Montreal myself, but I will 
arrange for someone from GDO to make sure that no one is left behind 
and also to collect the money from you when everyone boards the bus 
in Ottawa and Montreal.


PS: For those of you that need further information, I have attached 
some of the information that I have received regarding this event.

PPS: If people choose to stay overnight and need a place to stay, 
they should sign up for billeting on-line at 
http://montreal.resist.ca - please remember, the bus will NOT be 
staying overnight and will NOT provide return trips the next day!

PPPS: The location of the Welcome Centre is 1420 Sherbrooke Ave.


No One Is Illegal Demo Organizing Information (July 27, 1pm, corner 
of Guy and de Maisonneuve, Montreal)

POSTERS ---> There are downloadable No One Is Illegal posters 
available, in PDF format, on the webpage: 

FLYERS ---> There are also downloadable No One Is Illegal flyers 
available, in PDF format, on the webpage: 

RADIO AD ---> A community radio publicity, in English and French, for 
local Montreal community radio is linked at: 

MEETINGS ---> There will be organizing meetings every Thursday 
evening to plan the logistics of the No One is Illegal March (route, 
speakers, sound system, mobilization and outreach, etc). The meetings 
will take place on July 10, 17 and 24, at 6:30pm (sharp!) at 
QPIRG-Concordia (1420 Sherbrooke West, corner of Bishop, on the 4th 
floor). Welcome to all!

ENDORSEMENTS ---> The No One Is Illegal March against the WTO 
(scheduled for July 27 at 1pm, corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve) is 
still seeking endorsements from organizations, union locals, groups 
and collectives who support the march callout 
(http://montreal.resist.ca/articles/wto/noi030628f.htm). Please send 
your endorsements, with contact info, to resisteomc@resist.ca or 
telephone 514-409-2049.

ENDORSEMENTS TO DATE ---> Action Committee of Non-Status Algerians * 
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) * Jewish Alliance 
Against the Occupation (JAAO) * Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) * 
Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees * Mohawk 
Eastern Society/Native Youth Movement (NYM) * Quebec Womens' 
Federation (FFQ) * Immigrant Workers' Center (IWC) * The 
Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) * Block the Empire * No One Is 
Illegal Campaign of Montreal * Montreal Anti-Capitalist Coalition 
Against the FTAA * International Solidarity Movement-Montreal (ISM) * 
Rebel Desis * Kabataang Montreal * New Democratic Party of Canada 
(NDP) - Quebec Section * Collective Opposed to Police Brutality 
(COBP) * Montreal Chinatown Project * Youth Anti-Racism Group of 
Greater Montreal (Chinese Family Services) * Solidarity Committee for 
Eduardo and Gorka * Libertas Legal Collective * Quebec Public 
Interest Research Group (QPIRG) -- McGill and Concordia * Indigenous 
Peoples' Solidarity Movement (IPSM), McGill * Council of Andean First 
Nations (CANO) * Centre for media alternatives - Quebec (CMAQ) * 
Institut de recherche et d'information socio-économiques (IRIS) * 
Anti-Capitalist Community Action (Ottawa) * NOWAR-PAIX Coalition 
(Ottawa) * No One Is Illegal (Toronto)* Ontario Coalition Against 
Poverty (OCAP) * New Socialist Group (Toronto) * Peak Collective 
(Guelph) * Think Again Collective (Guelph) * FREEDOM (Fredericton)



In opposition to the WTO ...
Against war and occupation in Iraq, Palestine and everywhere ...
In solidarity with the frontline struggles of indigenous peoples ...
In support of all struggles for self-determination, justice and dignity

A march and celebration of resistance
in the streets of Montreal

Gathering Point: Norman Bethune Statue,
corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve
(metro Guy-Concordia)

Speakers, Music, Poetry and Spoken Word!
Bring your banners, noisemakers and symbols of resistance.
No One Is Illegal is a child-friendly march.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL is a march opposed to war, occupation, colonialism
genocide and displacement. On the eve of the World Trade Organization
Mini-Ministerial in Montreal, the No One Is Illegal demonstration will
march in opposition to the neo-colonial agenda of the WTO and its
proponents, while celebrating our collective power and resistance. The No
One Is Illegal march will focus on the frontline struggles of indigenous
peoples, immigrants and refugees -- thru words, poetry and music -- and
demonstrate our clear opposition to war and occupation, whether in Iraq or
Palestine, Colombia or the Philippines, in Chiapas or on Turtle Island.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL is an opportunity to voice our opposition to the racist
war at home. We will bring attention to the continued assault on the
self-determination of indigenous peoples as manifested, for example, in
the proposed First Nations Governance Act. We will also highlight the
attacks on immigrant and refugee populations within the Canadian state, as
implemented through mass deportations, secret evidence and security
certificates, and the policies of Fortress North America. The WTO aims to
make the world safe for capitalism while hypocritically promoting barriers
to the free movement of human beings. Join us as we oppose the WTO and
celebrate our diverse struggles for dignity and justice.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL is a child-friendly march, and will not involve civil
disobedience or direct action. No One Is Illegal is organized in
solidarity with local efforts to disrupt and shut down the WTO meetings in
Montreal, and the upcoming mobilizations against the WTO in Cancun, Mexico
in September.

No Justice, No Peace!
Open the Borders!
End All Occupations!
No One Is Illegal!

--> For more information, e-mail resisteomc@resist.ca, phone 514-409-2049
or consult http://montreal.resist.ca

--> To endorse the No One Is Illegal demonstration (if you agree with the
callout above) please e-mail resisteomc@resist.ca or phone 514-409-2049.

--> To help mobilize and organize for the demonstration, please get in
touch ASAP at resisteomc@resist.ca or 514-409-2049.

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