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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fri.Jul.25,2pm - Lubicon Embassy opens in Ottawa - You're invited !

Lubicon Supporters Open Lubicon Embassy to Commemorate Federal Efficiency
and Decisiveness 

Friday, July 25, 2-4 pm,  
in front of 24 Sussex Drive 
        (otherwise known as the Prime Minister's Residence):
Opening of the Embassy in Ottawa of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation.  

"We are confident the Prime Minister will act with expediency and
decisiveness in keeping his 1993 promise of resolving Lubicon land rights,
and in anticipation of that land rights settlement we're opening the Lubicon

OLS is inviting everyone to the official opening of the Lubicon Lake Nation
Embassy. The embassy's interim location is in front of the Prime Minister's
residence on 24 Sussex Drive, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.  

Visitors will be able to apply for visas to visit Lubicon territory, pick up
attractive Lubicon travel brochures, and learn more about the Lubicons and
their 64-year struggle to achieve recognition and implementation of their
inherent Aboriginal rights.  Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

In July 1989, the federal government tried to draw members away from the
Lubicon community, and decrease any Lubicon land rights settlement, by
invoking a clause of the Indian Act that gives the Minister of Indian
Affairs the authority to create an Indian Band.  Ignoring the Lubicon and
dozens of other legitimate Aboriginal societies that had been waiting 50
years or more for recognition of their rights, the federal government
established the Woodland Cree Band, complete with 'traditional territory',
and negotiated a land rights settlement with unprecedented speed.

Although promised a reserve in 1939, the Lubicons are still without land,
adequate housing or running water. An estimated $1-million in resources is
extracted from Lubicon land each day.

In September, 2002 the Lubicons and the federal government reached agreement
on a capital construction package. Construction of a new community with
running water and adequate housing is one portion of an overall settlement
agreement.  Alberta joined the talks in October. Reserve lands, economic
development, compensation packages, and a wildlife and environmental
management agreement over traditional Lubicon territory, are some of the
elements of a final settlement agreement that will be negotiated. 

More info:

    ols@lubiconsolidarity.ca      http://www.lubiconsolidarity.ca

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