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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Workshop on solidarity with South African grassroots groups


Date: Friday August 8th 
Time: 7PM 
Location: Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Elgin Street 

Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) is hosting a speaker from the South 
Africa Solidarity Network who will provide information about the current 
grassroots struggle in South Africa and ways that anti-authoritarian, 
social justice groups in the global north can act in solidarity with 
activists in South Africa. 


The South Africa Solidarity Network supports anti-authoritarian groups in 
South Africa who are challenging the neoliberal agenda of the ANC. 
Privatization of basic services, evictions and an increase in state and 
police repression have led to new groups being formed, and new strategies 
being used, to fight back; The Network aims to facilitate the flow of 
knowledge, support (and money) between anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical 
groups in North America with parallel groups in South Africa. We're in the 
beginning stages of building the Network, most of the work so far has been 
giving video showings and talks outlining the current situation in South 
Africa and the groups involved in grassroots struggles there.
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