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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Aug.10 - Ottawa Storytellers Anniversary Celebration

    Traditional Storytelling by five Ottawa Tellers:
Ottawa Storytellers Celebrate their 20th Anniversary 
          in a Concert at Riverglen Farm
SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2003  -   2 - 5 pm

Vignettes from the early days of the Ottawa Storytellers, and some great
stories from Tellers who have helped to shape the organization.
A marriage of traditions:
	-an old barn
	-the oral tradition.
	-a Sunday afternoon outing on a farm....
Riverglen Farm, on the Ottawa River, is an NCC property - a 114-year old 
historic farm, a working biodynamic, organic farm.

Tour of the farm and animals 2pm to 3pm
Stories 3pm - 5pm  
Entrance fee: $10 for adults     $5 for children    $25 for a family

Come and find out how to plant and harvest.
See rare breeds of cattle, sheep and chickens. (Scottish Highlander bull,
Shetland Sheep, Chanticleer chickens) 
Light refreshments can be purchased on the site.

directions:  The farm is along the Ottawa River just west of Crystal Bay on
NCC property.
- west on the Queensway to Moodie Drive, 
- north on Moodie to Carling Avenue, 
- west on Carling 1.7 km to Davidson's Side Road. 
- 1 km north on Davidson's Side Road.
* * Bring a lawn chair * *

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm
230 Davidson's Side Road
Tel: (613) 596-0551                       For more information call (613)
722 2606


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