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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 15th Anniversary Commemoration of 8888 UPRISING IN BURMA

15th Anniversary Commemoration of 8888 UPRISING IN BURMA 

Please join us to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the August 8, 1988 
uprising by the people of Burma to bring an end to military rule and to 
demand restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma. This nation-wide 
uprising was brutally gunned down by the military regime killing thousands 
of people. 

The importance of this day’s event reminds us of the aspirations and 
convictions of the majority of the people of Burma and provides us with an 
opportunity to reaffirm and restate our commitment to the aims of the 8888 

Where – Minto Park on Elgin, Ottawa 
When – 12 noon to 2.00 p.m. 
Tentative program 
12:00- 12:15  introduction, welcome 
12:15-12:30  speaker, Bill Gilsdorf  Amnesty International 
12:30 - 12:45  speaker Paul Puritt, Canadian Labour Congress 
12:45-  1:15  music and story telling 
1:30- 1:40 speaker Angam, Canadian Friends of Burma 
1:40- 2:00 Closing/ music 

Food, water and juice will be served. 





15 years ago on 8th August, 1988, also known as 8888 – a Nation-wide 
Uprising, the people of Burma from all walks of life took to the street 
demanding for the restoration of democracy and human rights; economic 
and to bring an end to military dictatorship in Burma.  In 1962, after 14 
years of democracy, a group of army generals staged a military coup, 
installed a new government dominated by the military and eradicated all 
traces of democracy in Burma. For 26 years, the military junta ruled Burma 
with iron fist. On 8888, the Power of People erupted. Hundreds of thousands 
of people Burma marched down the street in all corners of the country. The 
military opened fire on the demonstrators and it is estimated that in these 
five days from August 8 to 12, more than 3,000 demonstrators were shot and 
killed throughout the country by the security forces. Three presidents of 
the then one-party rule had to step down from power due to the massive 
pressure of the people's demonstrations throughout the country. When the 
then government was unable to halt the mounting protests of the people, the 
military decided to re-assert its power on 18th September 1988 with the 
bloody coup led by General Saw Maung. Although democracy and human rights 
are yet to be restored in Burma, the democracy activists both inside and 
outside the country continue to be unwavering in their commitment to carry 
out the struggle for restoration of democracy in Burma. 

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