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[OPIRG-EVENTS] ARGAA Seminar - Aid-Policy of Japan's ODA -- August 25, 2003 (Mon) 6pm

ARGAA Seminar - Aid-Policy of Japan's ODA -- August 25, 2003 (Mon)
The Associated Research Group of Asian Affairs (ARGAA) presents 

"Japan's ODA (Official Development Assistance): Overseas Aid-Policy and 
Appearing Challenges" 

by Micheline Beaudry-Somcynsky. 

6:00 - 8:00 p.m., 410 Dunton Tower. 

Micheline Beaudry-Somcynsky was previously a senior advisor to CIDA, 
Canadian International Development Agency, on relations with Japan for 
over 10 years, having specialized on Japan's overseas aids. She is 
recently retired but continues providing consultation to CIDA regarding 
Japanese development aids and relevant issues. 

This session will offer significant implications of ODA, Official 
Development Assistance, by bringing deeper examination on Japan's ODA, 
major development aids in Asia. The speaker's remarks will serve as the 
basis of intense debate to follow. 

Professionals and students are welcome to attend this discussion by 
contacting ARGAA prior to Monday, August 25, 2003. It will be informal 
and off-the-record, consisting of a brief presentation by the guest 
speaker and then open discussion for the remaining time. ARGAA can be 
contacted at: namue99@hotmail.com 

ARGAA was formed by graduate students at the Norman Paterson School of 
International Affairs (NPSIA) with the support of associated faculty and 
the Asian Pacific Research and Resource Center (APRRC), Carleton 
University. Through these unique seminars with renowned guest speakers, 
ARGAA aims to motivate graduate students to place research ideas within a 
historical, comparative and practical context. 

Note: the location is subject to change. For further information, please 
contact ARGAA at the email address above. 

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