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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Alternatives presents - Future of India: Unity in Diversity? August 27


Unity in Diversity?

Roundtable Discussion


9 AM-12:30 Noon

August 27, 2003

Museum of Civilization

100 Laurier, Hull



9:30 am            Introductory Remarks: Pierre
Beaudet (Chair)

                        Introductory Remarks: TBA
(From DFAIT)


10:00 am                        First Speaker: Teesta

                        “From Ayodhya to Gujarat:
Place of minorities in India”


10:30 am                        Second Speaker: Tapan

                        “Future of Indian Federalism
and its impact on regional peace”


11:00 am                        Discussion


12:00                         Closing remarks: Chair



(A light refreshment will be served)



PLEASE confirm your participation with Feroz Mehdi,
Asia Program, Alternatives

feroz@alternatives.ca or 514-982-6606 ext. 2247

Peter Moore
Communications Officer
South Asia Partnership Canada
Tel. 613-241-1333 ext. 228
Fax 613-241-1129
Latest Newsletter: http://www.sapcanada.org/

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