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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 18 September NPC Planning Meeting

We are in need of volunteers to join our fundraising committee! We are
launching a number of creative and educational projects to nourish our
grassroots work in Canada and support the NP peace team in Sri Lanka and
need help organising them. Please consider joining us.

The next Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada Fundraising Committee meeting will
take place:

Thursday, 18 September, 7:00 pm
NPC office (211 Bronson Ave., room 309A)


1. Designing the next NPC t-shirt
2. "Dispelling the shadows" event (interactive workshop exploring Tolkein's
use of just war theory and its alternatives) (2 Oct)
3. History of anti-war music of the peace movement in North America concert
(1 Nov)
4. "Work a Day for Peace" - an anti-war agenda for the labour movement? (11
5. Anti-war CD project

Hope to see you there!

tel 564 0999

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