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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Equal Love: A march for marriage rights - to Human Rights Monument

REALLY sorry for the last minute changes - March will go from Wellington &
Metcalfe to the Human Rights Monument, Elgin St. just south of Laurier.

As a number of you have pointed out the Terry Fox Monument has been moved to
the corner of Wellington and Metcalfe St.  The corrected posting is below.


Plx distribute widely - apologies in advance for cross posting


The religious and political right wing is planning vigils at 
MPs offices for Sunday, September 7, 3pm - to pressure them to vote 
against the law that redefines marriage as a union of 2 persons.


Equal Love
A March for Same Sex Human Rights

Sunday, September 7, 2003
Gather 2:30 pm
At the Terry Fox Monument
90 Wellington Street
        (Wellington and Metcalfe)
and March to the Human Rights Monument
        (Elgin St. south of Laurier)

Bring signs, colourful clothes... and all your friends.

For information: Gianluca (613) 523-6132 - gragazzini@sympatico.ca


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