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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sep 13: Dinner to benefit disadvantaged women and children in Nepal

VillageNet, a project designed to provide computer access and IT literacy 
to disadvantaged women and children in Nepal, is hosting an evening of 
Entertainment and Education on Saturday, September 13, at the Maison du 
Citoyen, St, 25 Laurier St, Hull/Gatineau (attached to Four Points 
Sheraton Hotel). Tickets are $45 per person.  The Taste of Nepal evening 
includes a traditional Nepalese dinner, Nepalese Dancers, a silent 
auction, and various exhibits. There will also be presentations on Nepal 
and International Development by the founders of Engineers Without 
Borders and Angie Kretzschmar of Child Haven International. 

For ticket reservation and information, visit www.ewb.ca/villagenet.

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