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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fridays 1pm: Museums and memory

19 September
Michael Lynch (University of Edinburgh)  
The Making of the Museum of Scotland: a museum of national memories or 

26 September
Lilly Koltun (Portrait Gallery of Canada)  
A New Portrait Gallery for Canada: Stacking or Unpacking a National 

3 October
Roger Sarty (Canadian War Museum)  
The Canadian War Museum and National History  

17 October
Paula Hamilton (University of Technology, Sydney)  
New Histories for a National Museum in Australia: the Politics of Memory  

No lecture Oct 10

24 October 
Victoria Dickenson (McCord Museum)  
Representing Canada in Cyberspace  

31 October
Stephen Inglis (Canadian Museum of Civilization)  
The First Peoples Hall and Canadian History  

The Shannon Lectures in History will take place every Friday afternoon at 
1:00 p.m., between September 19 and October 31 (except for University 
Day, October 10). These public lectures are free of charge and open to 

The Lectures will be delivered in the Humanities Theatre, 303 Paterson 
Hall. Visitors to campus can find the closest parking in Lot 1 (parking 
meters at a higher rate are also available in Lot 8). Please consult the 
campus map for further directions. 

The lectures will be followed by a reception in the History Lounge, 
fourth floor, Paterson Hall. 

The Carleton Centre for Public History and the Department of History, 
Carleton University, are pleased to present the 2003 Shannon Lectures. 
This year's theme addresses the question of museums and memory in Canada 
and abroad. Distinguished scholars and curators from Canada, Australia, 
and Scotland have been invited to reflect on their experiences and to 
analyze how cultural institutions interact with and shape national 
identities and our sense of self. 


For more information, biographies and abstracts regarding the Shannon 
Lectures, visit http://www.carleton.ca/ccph/shannon/, or contact the 
Department of History at 520-2828, 520-2819 (fax). 

This year's presentation has been organized and arranged by members of 
the Carleton Centre for Public History. The organizing committee 
Dr. David Dean, davdean@ccs.carleton.ca Dr. Del Muise, 
Dr. James Opp, jopp@connect.carleton.ca 

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