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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Oct.3-5 - Whose Police? Our Police! Teach-In

 Whose police? Our police!
         Citizen power, community control  -  An Ottawa Teach-In

 Fri. October 3 (evg), Sat. 4th (all day + evg), Sun. 5th (a.m)
 St. Paul's University, 223 Main St., Ottawa

 The Issues: 
In everyday life, citizens may face police who treat them
arbitrarily, even with violence. What recourse do we have?

 Questions : 
What should the community expect of the police? How do we hold
them accountable? What recourse do we have?

 The Teach-in: 
Over three days, community leaders, experts, and participants will examine:
 What we expect of police - the law, policy, community, roles 
          and the media;
 Best practices - citizen expectations & empowerment;
 Networking and action - building community action and influence on 
          our policing.

 Keynote speakers: 
* Judy Rebick, media commentator, founder of www.rabble.ca
* John Sewell, former mayor of Toronto, member of Police Accountability
* John Baglow, writer, former VP, Public Service Alliance of Canada

 Panels on Issues and Best Practices:
Speakers include 
* Michael Swinwood, lawyer - aboriginal issues worker
* Doug Kirkland, retired Ottawa Police Officer
* Brian Edgecombe, Homes not Bombs, legal activist
* Jane Scharfe, advocate for the homeless

 The Approach: 
 Three keynote speakers, informal discussion, reception (Friday)
 Two panels - issues and best practices (Saturday)
 Focus groups on major questions (Saturday)
 Reporting and discussion for action (Sunday)
 Networking, social (throughout)

 Who are the organizers?   The Ottawa Witness Group, a volunteer community
association that audits police behaviour

 Admission: $20 each, $10 low waged, daytickets available.
Refreshments and Friday dinner included.
Saturday lunch and dinner - $5 each.
 Poster and Registration form at:

 Contact us at (613) 237-5337 or   <witnessgroup@rogers.com>

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