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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: Upcoming Events in October at Octopus Books

October promises to be an excitingly busy month for
speakers, authors and activists at Octopus Books.
Please mark your calendars for the following events,
or contact us for details (a brief reminder will be
sent out in October). Join us to celebrate and learn!
Admission, as always, is free for all events.
Wednesday, October 1st, 7 pm:
Sikeena Karmali, reading from her debut novel A House
By The Sea (Vehicule Press).
Sikeena Karmali goes by many titles: author, human
rights activist, polyglot, international campaign
coordinator. Since 1994 she has worked in
international development and human rights. She is
currently the director of a human rights agency in
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and the editor of Brown Sugar
Told with wit and charm, A House By the Sea is about a
young woman's quest to reconcile her nomadic spirit
with an inner longing for a home. East meets West, and
tradition clashes with modernity in an absorbing
family drama reaching back through time and
generations, across Arabia, India, East Africa,
England and Canada.
Wine and Cheese will be served
Wednesday, October 8th, 7 pm:
Virginia Lafond, author of Grieving Mental Illness: A
Guide for Patients and their Caregivers (University of
Toronto Press).
Grieving Mental Illness is a self-help book for anyone
who has endured the effects of mental illness, whether
as sufferer, friend, family member, or caregiver. It
offers detailed, jargon-free guidelines to help
readers come to terms with mental illness in a
positive way, while avoiding disabling emotional
responses. Sophisticated in its approach and
comprehensive in its treatment, Grieving Mental
Illness is useful both to health care workers and to
the general public.
Virginia Lafond is a social worker in the
Schizophrenia Program at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.
Her courage in sharing her own experience, both as a
sufferer of mental illness and as a mental health
practitioner, makes this book particularly important.
Dr. Barry Jones of the Royal Ottawa, calls it "much
more than a self-help book... new grounding for
practical and genuine empathy."
Wine and Cheese will be served
Thursday, October 9th, 7 pm
The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, featuring Jennifer
Whiteford, Sean Carswell, and Mickey Hess.
The Roadshow is an indie press tour circuit with
monthly stops in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York,
Cleveland, Cincinnati and Chicago. Octopus is proud to
host the Roadshow's stop at our bookshop following
their hit September 17th show at the Mercury Lounge.
Among the evening's entertainment will be readings,
storytelling and music from "rock and roll cut and
paster" Jen Whiteford, "working class punk scribe"
Sean Carswell, and "superficial storyteller" Mickey
Join us for an exhilarating evening!
Tuesday, October 14th, 7 pm
Harry Glasbeek, author of Wealth by Stealth: Corporate
Crime, Corporate Law and the Perversion of Democracy 
(Between the Lines Books)
Acclaimed speaker and lecturer, Harry Glasbeek has
been invited to Ottawa by the University of Ottawa's
Faculty of Law. We'll meet him at Octopus later in the
evening for a talk on Wealth and Stealth, his scathing
critique of corporate crime. 
Wine and Cheese will be served
Thursday, October 23rd, 7 pm
Mike Bellemare, author of ExistenZia: Event Horizons
and Quantum Power (Blacklist Books).
All proceeds from Mike's book will be donated to CEPAL
(the Canadian Palestinian Educational Exchange) and
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). Come out
and support two very worthy causes, while celebrating
the publication of ExistenZia, a groundbreaking work
inspired by some of the greatest, most radical
thinkers of our time.
Wine and Cheese will be served 
For further information on any of these events, feel
free to contact us! Our store is wheelchair
accessible, but unfortunately, our washroom is not.
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join us on the web at www.octopusbooks.ca

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