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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Screening on Queerness and Nationhood, Fri. at Club SAW

Ottawa. Sept. 18, 2003


Ottawa's Available Light Screening Collective launches
its 2003/04
screening series of experimental film and video with
an in-your-face 
program of short videos and films curated by Toronto
multimedia artist 
Andrew James Paterson.  Entitled Interior Exteriors,
the screening takes 
place on Friday, September 26th, at 7:30 PM at Club
SAW, 67 Nicholas 
Street,.  Admission is $5 general/$3 students,
unwaged.  Admission info: 
564-7240 or www.sawvideo.com.  Curator Andrew Paterson
will introduce 
the screening and one of the filmmakers, Toronto's
Graham Hollings, will 
also be in attendance.

During this time of federal government debates on
same-sex marriage and
homophobic hate crime, what better moment than to
present a
thought-provoking program about queerness, nationhood,
and simplistic
dualities?  Interior Exteriors is a screening that
follows a route from 
east to west across Canada, albeit with some serious
detours.  According 
to curator Andrew Paterson, "These eight films and
tapes concern 
themselves with the already uneasy interactions
between nature and 
culture, and then dance on top of any traditional
definitions of these 
concepts.  They accept and then subvert that eternal
truism that states 
of mind and states of bodies are more often than not
symbiotic."  The artists featured in Interior
Exteriors include Valerie 
Leblanc, Zachery Longboy, Leslie Peters, John Price,
Graham Hollings, 
Nick Fox-Gieg, John Smith, and the late Colin

Interior Exteriors includes the boisterously
irreverent work, "Canada: 
Sperm Bank of Satan", by Graham Hollings, based on a
bizarre epithet 
coined by American evangelist Pat Buchanan.  John
Price's film, 
"Wreck/Nation", by contrast, concerns itself with the
fragility and 
ultimate absurdity of nationalism.  UK artist John
Smith's video, "The 
Black Tower" is a humorous and slightly menacing tale
of the narrator's 
descent into paranoia as he is pursued by a mysterious
peripatetic black 
tower.  Rarely screened in Canada, "The Black Tower"
is not to be 
missed.  Colin Campbell's penultimate videotape
"Disheveled Destiny" is 
a revisioning of a Canadian classic of video art,
Campbell's own 
"Sackville, I'm Yours" from 1972.  Campbell's persona
"Art Star" is 
back, with another alter-ego in tow, to sort out his
very dusty and 
disheveled past.

Guest curator Andrew James Paterson is a Toronto-based
artist and curator working with performance, video and
film, musical
composition, as well as fictional and critical
writing.  He has 
previously curated media art programs for Trinity
Square Video, A Space, 
Mercer Union, Cinematheque Ontario, the Images
Festival, Pleasure Dome, 
and YYZ Artists Outlet in Toronto.

Available Light is a collective of eight Ottawa media
artists and 
curators who present monthly screenings of
experimental films and 
videos.  The collective has been active in the
thriving Ottawa-Gatineau 
media art community since late 1995.  Its 2003-04
season runs from 
September to June and highlights include a program of
new aboriginal 
Canadian video (October), a spotlight on Montreal
video artist Robert 
Morin (January), a show curated by Toronto's Karyn
Sandlos (March), and 
an ambitious program of recent videos from Beirut,
Lebanon, guest 
curated by Laura U. Marks (April). Available Light
receives financial 
support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the
City of Ottawa.

Penny McCann, 236-6761 or penelope@cyberus.ca

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