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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Provincial All Candidates Meeting on the Environment (Lanark Carleton Riding)

The Sierra Club of Canada (Ottawa Group), together with the Kanata
Environmental Network and the Kanata Lakes Community Association, is
co-sponsoring a provincial All-Candidates meeting on the Environment,
Saturday September 27 at 3 p.m. at the Kanata United Church (33 Leacock).
It is important that the environment be a prominent issue in this election.
We have had Walkerton, rising concerns about air quality in urban areas,
increases in intensive livestock operations, and the most recent power
outage which forced us to address energy conservation and reliable,
renewable energy sources. We must elect a government that is committed to
making the environment an issue in Ontario.

The candidates running in the Lanark-Carleton riding have been invited: Norm
Sterling (Progressive Conservative), Marianne Wilkinson (Liberal Party),
John Baranyi (Green Party) and Jim Ronson (NDP). So far, the Green, NDP and
Liberal candidates have confirmed their attendance. Four questions will be
posed to the candidates on key environmental issues, ranging from water
quality to air pollution and land use. Following this there will be an open
microphone for the audience to ask the candidates questions. Richard
Delaney, a consultant and expert in sustainable development, will be the

For more information please contact: Carol Gudz Sierra Club, Ottawa Group

Sucha S. Mann Kanata Environmental Network sucham@sympatico.ca

Lyn Winters Kanata Lakes Community Association 613-591-5918

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