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[OPIRG-EVENTS] An Evening of Music for Guatemala - Friday, October 3

An Evening of Music for Guatemala

You are invited to a musical evening to support the work of the 
Guatemala Solidarity Committee of Ottawa (GUASCO). GUASCO works to 
raise awareness in Ottawa about the current socio-political situation 
in Guatemala.

Despite the Peace Accords signed in 1996, the human rights situation 
in Guatemala has deteriorated significantly in the last few years and 
the mainstream press pays little attention. Violence has increased in 
the lead-up to the November elections and there is a real risk of 
electoral fraud.

GUASCO will be hosting a presentation on the electoral process as 
part of its ongoing efforts to inform the Canadian public about 
Guatemala. Help us to do this by coming to this musical fundraising 
event. Join us:

Friday, October 3rd at 7:30 PM
Church of the Ascension
253 Echo Drive
(One block south of the Canal Royal Oak; Buses 5 & 16; From Main St: 
turn on Graham Ave, the first street south of Hawthorne St, then left 
on Echo Dr.)


Musical performances by:
Bob Carty
Tito Medina
Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw

Dessert and coffee will be served
For more information call 233-9575
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