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IMPORTANT NOTE: Canadian/Canadian Regional operated flights depart from Canadian/Canadian Regional terminals and gates. Customers are reminded to check-in with a Canadian/Canadian Regional agent at the airport for these flights.

Online Schedule
Be careful to enter a date between the current day and the end of the schedule period.

Download your own PC version (MS-DOS version)
At 483 K, the files are quick and easy to download.
Schedule uploaded May 19, 2000 and valid until March 31, 2001.

This timetable provides the most recent listing of information (updated regularly) for flights offered by Air Canada, its regional carriers (Air Alliance, AirBC, Air Nova and Air Ontario) and commercial partners. Although every effort is made to ensure the information contained in the Timetable is accurate, please consult your local travel agent or Air Canada's Reservation office for possible schedule changes.


  1. Select the origin of your flight (city you will be leaving from)
  2. Select the destination of your flight (city you wish to visit)
  3. Enter the date on which you plan to fly.
  4. Press the 'Submit' button to request a schedule based on your criteria, or the 'Clear' button to start again.

Schedule uploaded May 19, 2000 and valid until March 31, 2001.