Florida Voting Machine


But, it isn't perfect. This review was made:

  Thinking about it some more I see that the machine as implemented is
way too complex.

  First off it could never be accepted with a "NONE" slot, and the
round shape is just too confusing.

  Next the "Independent" label needs to be changed, maybe to "Looser",
or maybe the just the more neutral term "Un-American".

  Nor can the independent be portrayed as some how middle of the road
between the Dems and the Pubs, which brings up the whole problem of
WHERE the block source binn's are kept!  Just WHO is right?  Er on the
right that is...

  The Pubs are going to bitch that one of the Telley Tubbies had a
triangle and was Gay...

  Nope, this machine would never ever do.

  I suspect that just not letting the plebes vote would work best...
for the guberment!