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Re: one-body, one-cert

Carl Ellison wrote:

| Meanwhile, if he sets up such a service just for his members (e.g., an
| on-line Alcoholics Anonymous group, for example), the list of people who
| have requested blinded certs is itself an unacceptable leakage of
| information.   He needs a worldwide (one body):(one cert) service.

	The Mytec biological computing stuff might be of interest.
They store hashes of live fingerprints instead of fingerprints.  (You
need to draw your finger over the glass plate to get it to work;
leaving your finger there doesn't do it.)

	When several years back, I suggested a similar scheme on
cypherpunks, I was talked out of it on the grounds that convincing
people to acquiesce to being regularly fingerprinted was a bad idea.

	However, if you need to strongly assure one person-one cert,
you need to go to DNA.  The number of people who have lost whatever
else you choose to measure is too high.  I think that getting people
to agree to be DNA-typed regularly is an even scarier thought than
letting them be fingerprinted.


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