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Re: Delegate

"Brian M. Thomas" <bt0008@entropy.sbc.com> writes:

> I've always felt that greater than one and less than infinity was
> arbitrary enough to be sort of silly, so doing it as a boolean doesn't
> bother me a lot.  If I give someone the ability to delegate, I am
> trusting them to act in my interest, whether once or more than once.  I
> sometimes feel that one is special enough to allow it, but not strongly
> enough to argue for it, nor do I have any real argument that way.

It's not a question of how many times a particular user may delegate.
The question is whether the people to whom a user delegates may
further delegate.  I may trust you to delegate to others, but I may
not trust your ability to choose others who will properly delegate.
For example, Alice trusts Bob to delegate to Charlie, but doesn't want
Charlie to delegate to Doug.

On the other hand, if Alice trusts Bob to delegate to Charlie, there
is nothing stopping Charlie from allowing Doug to use his (Charlie's)
credentials.  So, a boolean has the same effect.