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Re: Delegate

At 01:03 PM 12/17/96 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:
>That's really different from what I thought.  Maybe I'm getting my
>terms messed up, but I wouldn't think the verifier would pay any
>attention at all to this flag, unless the verifier itself were in a
>position to create a new cert, and that was the operation in question. 

I think you may have gotten terms mixed up along the way.

An SPKI cert body is a 5-tuple <I,S,D,A,V> and the verifier will concatenate
two 5-tuples <I1,S2,D1,A1,V1>+<I2,S2,D2,A2,V2> to <I1,S2,D2,A,V> only if
D1 > D2 (assuming integers) -- or only if D1=TRUE (assuming booleans) --
(and if A and V are non-empty).

A = intersection(A1,A2)
V = intersection(V1,V2)

 - Carl

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