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Re: FW: Delegate

>   With a binary CertDepth or FinalCert (let's use Carl's proposed
> terms, they are more clear), is clear that you must allow the 18/8
> prefix people to delegate. How much is their business. 
>   I imagine that "MAX_INT" means infinity in SET? So you can simulate
> a binary delegation with the set [0,MAX]. Those who need more detailed
> control can pick integer values. 
>     Derek> So, how can you ask people to set cert-depths if they don't
>     Derek> know how deep those chains need to be?

I think the weight of the arguments (the ones I agree with, anyway:)
favors my earlier assertion that there are actually three meaningful
values: zero, one, and infinity.  Unfortunately, that's too much for
a boolean, and a full integer seems a little wasteful.

So the argument stands at "simpler is better" vs. "better safe than sorry".

Any more opinions?


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