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I hate to be a pest, but .... is there an archive for this list yet?  I hate 
to see all the great discussions on in this group lost ... also archives are 
the way I like to catch up on the discussions. 
Paul Lambert                     Director of Security Products 
Oracle Corporation               Phone:         (415) 506-0370 
500 Oracle Parkway, Box 659410     Fax:         (415) 633-2963 
Redwood Shores, CA  94065       E-Mail: palamber@us.oracle.com 
"Secure Jobs"  ->  send resumes to: palamber@us.oracle.com   
     Security Architect - Hands on lead with strong design skills 
     Sr. Development Manager - 6+ experience with 3+ leading teams 
     Security Product Manager(s) - Excellent verbal and written skills 
               with background in security. 
     Senior SW Dev. - 6+ experience in SW development 
     SW Developer(s) - Strong coding skills and abilities  
                or interest in: (C++, Java, CORBA, security,  
                X.500, etc.)