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Re: SDSI parser?

At 9:27 AM -0800 1/8/97, Rodney Thayer wrote:
>Is there a SDSI parser floating around that one could play with to
>research the use of this?
>I've got a couple of certificate-ish things I have to do and I'd like to
>try them on the SPKI/SDSI/etc. theme.
>Anything -- c code, perl scripts, etc. would be interesting.
>Any news about other people debating the development of parsers would be
>interesting too.

For the mac and BBEdit we have some BBEdit extentions to do some of the
SDSI primitives, but is is a pure sideburner project. Our biggest problem
right now is that we have not seen any example hashed SDSI objects to
compare our "canonical" representations against.

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