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Re: EDI and Public Key Crypto needs

Perry Metzger writes:
>Carl Ellison writes:
>> I have offered a proposal, found on
>> http://www.clark.net/pub/cme/html/cert.html which I offer to the group as
>> the kernel of such an RFC [suitably cleaned up to focus on the most recent
>> addition].
>> Does anyone see a problem with starting to draft the RFC now?
>I encourage anyone with an idea to write up their proposal as an
>internet draft.

I wouldn't know how to write an internet draft, but anyone is free to rip-off
(or just plain rip:-) anything I've posted to date.  I would liked to have
seen more deliberation/consensus-building on many items posted to this list,
but I'll wager the struggle is far from over.

Here's to a healthy Internet PKI!

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