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re: My comments on the X/Open PKI requirements document

> Note: message carefully and intentionally cross posted.
> fine.  you want another comment?  I think it's insane we have at least five
> standards organizations or groups looking at vaguely the same problem.


All that the Open Group is bringing to this effort is:
(a) organised input from users - i.e. non-vendor potential consumers of
    the PKI system such as large organisations, governments, and
(b) experience in multi-vendor API spec agreement (XPG, UNIX, XA etc),
    and associated branding and test suite development.

There is zero interest or any value in purporting to duplicate or
second guess existing work of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27, IETF PKIX, IETF SPKI,
ANSI X9F1 etc on certificate formats and PKI protocols except where there
are gaps - potentially because of different understanding of business
requirements or conflicting cultural assumptions in those groups.

Further substantive comments on the user requirements are solicited.
Technical input should be provided to Dean Adams at d.adams@xopen.org