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RE(2): My comments on the X/Open PKI requirements document

> I thought all those things were things the IETF did.  users participate,
> specs have been being written for many years.  

Of course.

>                                               I don't understand the
> value-add....

Well, other than re-stating what I said ...

    >All that the Open Group is bringing to this effort is:
    >(a) organised input from users - i.e. non-vendor potential consumers of
    >    the PKI system such as large organisations, governments, and
    >(b) experience in multi-vendor API spec agreement (XPG, UNIX, XA etc),
    >    and associated branding and test suite development.

... I can explain more about both (a) and (b), but I don't want to spend
SPKI bandwidth on this off-topic subject, so would be happy to do this in
private email.

For anyone interested in more background, either check out www.xopen.org,
or contact d.adams@xopen.org or me (pvm@iclnet.co.uk) for more info on
the Open Group security programme.