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SPKI Starting Point?

Taking the idea of spki as whois++/rfc822 a step further, here is a 
bare-bones (unstuffed?) straw-man with the basic additional fields.

Sig-Algorithm: 		<name of algorithm being used, eg. RSAwithMD5>
Sig-NotBefore:		<Date>
Sig-NotAfter:		<Date>
Sig-Signer:		<URI identifying signing key>
Sig-Signature:		<base64 encoding of the result of applying 
			 Sig-Algorithm to all fields in this template, 
			 with all multi-line values treated as if the 
			 value were encoded on a single line, and with 
			 all trailing white-space removed>

[Sig-Signer just identifies the key; if the URI is a URL, and that URL 
resolves to a well formatted SPKI template containing a public key, that 
key should be the one that was used to sign this template. alternately, 
there could be transfomration rules used to automatically generate a URL 
from the URI for both CRL and Key]

 Additional attribute for templates carrying public keys:
	Public-Key:	<type> ";" <base64 encoding of pkcs-1 encoding of key>
	RSA-PublicKey-Modulus: <base64 encoding of modulus>
	RSA-PublicKey-Exponent: <base64 encoding of exponent>

	RSA-PublicKey-Modulus: text encoding of decimal val of modulus
	RSA-PublicKey-Exponent: text encoding of decimal value of exponent

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