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RE: Any more comments on the whois++ SPKI proposalette?

At 07:34 PM 4/21/96 -0700, Paul Leach wrote:
>Interesting... methinks different notions of requirements are in
>operation here.
>I was thinking of things like the needs of the previous set of
>applications that I sent out, and the LA IETF WG meeting where I thought
>I heard that the requirements were to be application driven. 

I liked the list you sent out, but we went through a process of list
building a month or two ago and came up with a much longer list of uses of
certificates.  I have it on a web page and also mailed it out to this list
so it's in the archive.

Are you calling for that list (augmented as necessary) to be written up more
formally than as a list?

 - Carl

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