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Re: intelligent searches

Carl Ellison wrote:
> tolerance) and we get a massive, distributed database without creating
> anything that calls itself a Certification Authority or anything that looks
> like X.500.  Those are goodnesses, IMHO.

This is my goal too - to avoid massive centralized (either in
administrative control, or real data) structures. Instead, I'd like to
see distributed searching of one kind or another possible.

It's not SPKI's job to make the distributed searching system; other
people are concentrating on that so that we don't have to. The only
thing SPKI has to do is insure that the certificates MAY have
searchable components.

> Is it possible to have an AltaVista solution?  ...that is, to have
> the certs stored in a loose web of URLs across the world while some
> enterprising engine company sets up shop to do intelligent searches?

Yes, and it's also possible that other enterprising individuals will
set up a distributed system (not really "setting up shop", unless you
consider the whole Internet as your shop) to do intelligent searches.


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