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RE: Any more comments ...

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Bob Jueneman wrote:

> >3) The SPKI certificate format must allow arbitrary fields to be 
>    signed/not-signed.  
> >7) The SPK should allow multiple parties to sign a single certificate
> Is that really what you mean? If so, are both signers making precisely the
> same claims as to having validated or not validated the contents of the
> certificate? Do both parties have the same Policy as to how, and under

Too much stuff to get through at once, so I thought I'd address these two 
points first; These two requirements are somewhat linked, so that it 
different parties should be able to sign different fields, or the same 
party could sign different fields. This also links in with suppor for 
policies ; policies should apply on a per-signature basis - thus a single 
certificate could include two public keys, one signed for for 
key-exchange, the other for signature only.


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