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[ses@tipper.oit.unc.edu: Re: SDSI syntax]

Simon writes re SDSI syntax:

"BTW, some parts of the example you used looked wierd - some strings were 
 in quotes, others weren't. If you do go for a sexpr solution it might be 
 better if you use something directly (read)able."

SDSI allows one to express octet strings in several forms:
      tokens:        abc
      quoted-string: "abc"    
      hexadecimal:   #616263  (starts with sharp sign)
      base-64:       =YWRj    (starts with equals sign)
      verbatim:      #03:abc  (that is, length:value)
      decimal:       6382179

These are all equivalent.  Parsing is trivial.

	Hope this clears up the confusion.

	Ron Rivest