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SDSI syntax

I've been looking at the SDSI syntax a bit more, and I've come up with a 
few suggestions that might make things more readable.

1) Put the ':' at the start of keywords, rather than the end (CL style, 
rather than the current dylan styling

2) Distinguish objects and attributes more clearly - only use open/close 
   paren when starting a new object. 

For example: 

    :public-key (:public-key 
		    :alogorithm 'rsa-with-sha-1-key
		    :n =Gt802Tbz9HKm067
		    :e #11))

3) Drop the *macros - the savings don't seem worth the complexity

4) (maybe) Allow '::public-key (' instead of ':public-key (:public-key'

5) (maybe) reduce the number of alternate octet string encodings

6) (maybe) allow extra attributes to be added to a :signed that can 
augment or over-ride attributes in the thing being signed for when 
operating in the context of this signature.

7) (maybe) replace 'and' and 'or' with 'intersection' and 'union'

8) (maybe) allow strong negative assertions (jim is not an officer of 
foo-corp.) - sort of doable with groups, but this may be ungainly


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