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Re: comments on client auth

Bill writes

>This is not at all clear.  I enjoy programming in Lisp and Scheme,
>while I find dealing with ASN.1 to be like pulling teeth.  I find that
>S-expressions are *much* easier to work with than ASN.1..

I think that we should avoid getting into a flame war over ASN.1. Having
had to write an ASN.1 parser I'm not prepared to repeat the experience. Unless 
someone is willing to donate a parser generator which is entirely free of 
commercial use restrictions, increases total application size by less than 10 Kb 
and is proven correct I'm not going to use ASN.1, sorry.

I don't have hassle writing s-expression parsers. I have hassle reading the 
input - far too many parentheses used but then again its easier to write 
s-expressions than asn.1 using emacs :-)