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Re: comments on client auth

Bill Sommerfeld wrote:
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> Well, since you brought up this topic, I feel compelled to rebut this..

you failed to rebut what I said, though you rebutted what
you wanted to rebut. Im sorry you took liberties with
what I said, and misrepresented me.

>    Given SDSI certs are AS COMPLEX an encoding as X.509 DER,
>    there is essentially no difference to implementors, here,
>    when faced with a scratch implementation effort.
> This is not at all clear.  I enjoy programming in Lisp and Scheme,
> while I find dealing with ASN.1 to be like pulling teeth.  I find that
> S-expressions are *much* easier to work with than ASN.1..

Which is the false argument put forward for so long that
X.509 is something to do with ASN.1 programming.

I said X.509 DER, not ASN.1. But then, why dont we misrepresent;
its makes argument easier to win.

The DER encoding rules are semantically equivalent to S-expression
binary encoding, and strucutrally very very very similar. SHould
one notate DER in ASN.1 or Marshall Roses LISP syntax,
the notation makes no difference. I often program X.509 DER
in the LISP syntax from Marshall (v similar to S-expr) its much
easier than ASN.1; I agree.

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