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SIGNATURE in spki-960705.txt

SIGNATURE: <hash alg>,<PK alg>,<sig value>,<body hash>

might need an additional parameter to indicate padding mechanism, at least
for RSA.  I usually have the hash in the least significant bytes of the
encrypted quantity with all padding and structure in more significant bytes
irrelevant to the verifier -- and as a signer, I usually fill those with
random bytes.  However, I can imagine someone wanting to do funny encoding.

For example, it might be more secure (worthwhile?) to encode the <hash alg>,
<PK alg> and <body hash> together in the sig block -- e.g., concatenating
them, if it's a large block (like RSA) or XORing them if it's a small block
(like DSA).

What do y'all think?

 - Carl

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