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Re: SIGNATURE in spki-960705.txt

At  1:56 PM 7/5/96 -0700, PALAMBER.US.ORACLE.COM wrote:
>>SIGNATURE: <hash alg>,<PK alg>,<sig value>,<body hash> 
>This seems too complicated... why not just define a "signature" in your 
>notation as: 
>SIGNATURE: <sig value> 
>Given that the working group should define a single default algorithm for 
>signatures the type of hash algorithm and PK algorithm can be implied by the 

I fear that the state of the art in secure hashes and public key algorithms
is such that we need to remain flexible.  For example, MD5 is now under
great suspicion because someone was able to generate two, nearly the same,
files with the same MD5 hash.  Most people are now recommending SHA1.  I
have some confidence that more algorithm problems will be found.

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