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Re: Ideas from the I&A Forum

At 10:29 PM 7/9/96 -0400, Carl Ellison wrote:
I attended the MISSI I&A forum...
>Another recurring theme was "enforcement of least privilege" -- meaning that
>an authorization needs to be as specific as possible, as contrasted with the
>UNIX superuser sledgehammer.  This suggests to me that there will be a huge
>number of <auth>s defined, should the world take this maxim seriously, and
>the AUTH: construct would see a great deal of use.

If there are a correspondingly large number of signing keys (e.g. each
service has its own signing key), then the number of <auth>s may not be
large, since in many cases, certificates may then be all or nothing.  A
network printer would probably be a good example.

(I am certainly in favor of this approach.  The superuser hammer is really
quite dangerous.)

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