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Re: one possible motivation for X.509

>It's not just frustration.
>I get very annoyed with needless complication, excessive code, -- and when
>it's to support something that's ill-defined and probably not necessary
>(Identity certification) in the first place, it's especially annoying.
>[Note that SET's cardholder certificates are authorization certs, not
>identity certs -- and they had to pervert X.509's definition to achieve it.]


Keep your chin up. What you have to remember is, there are companies in the
computer industry which use "complication and excessive code" to keep
themselves in business. However, there are those of us out here who don't
subscribe to this and appricate the work you are doing. So keep on shooting
and I believe you'll start to win some battles and ultimately the war!


Jeff Parrett (starman@llnl.gov)
The stars are the limit!