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Re: one possible motivation for X.509

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, John Lowry wrote:

> Carl,
> 	Is this an admission of defeat ?  Have we finally made
> 	X.509 so complex that you can't "clear the hurdle" ?

V3 is just about at the stage where it can  clear one's stomach...
BER and DER should not be a hurdle to anyone programming in a general 
purpose language like java, but understanding all the squillion different 
extensions to X.509 v3 is a whole different kettle of ball games.

BNF can be much harder to read than ASN.1; it's what you say with it that 
causes the big headaches. 

    If we're talking about hurdles, can I just wish my old baby-sitter Sally 
Gunnel good luck in Atlanta :-)

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