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Re: Rethink CRLs

At 09:35 AM 8/9/96 -0400, Buffam, William J TR wrote:
>Dan Molinelli wrote:
>> i tend to not like CRLs. i've seen CRLs lists before within x.500
>> and if the CA has been compromised then ALL certs issued by that CA would
>> then be revocated. 
>??????  Just leave the CA-issued certs alone. Revoke the CA's cert, then
>when you validate the CA-issued cert's validation chain, it fails
>because the CA's cert is revoked. What do you gain by revoking the
>issued certs individually (and so on down the chain)?

We discussed this a bit ago -- maybe off-list.  Revocation of a cert needs a
meaning just as a cert needs a meaning.

You need to know if the private key has been compromised -- and if so, when.
In particular, you need to know during what time period the private key was
valid in spite of its later compromise -- so that certs issued in that
period remain valid.

Then again, maybe it wasn't a private key compromise.  Maybe the CA had an
employee from April 10, 1996 and July 19, 1996 who issued some certificates
improperly -- until he was caught and fired.

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