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Re: Thoughts on the draft

> Let me amplify this comment a bit further.  I envision that there will be a
> significant number of certs with an empty <auth> field.  One example is a
> cert which gives permission to use a particular printer.  This permission
> is likely to be binary, either you have it or you don't.  The presence of
> the cert is sufficient to imply the permission so no <auth> field is
> needed.

Your point being, I believe, that for something as simple-minded as an
output-only device, there may be only one permission imaginable:  that
of sending output to it.  An <auth> field could be used, but since it's
a one-trick pony there's nothing to specify.

It's interesting that among our different disciplines and problem domains
are different ideas of what may be more or less common.  That makes sense,
and it's nice to think that things can be kept simple enough to apply to
all equally well.